Lots of people have asked us why we are locating our business in Englewood? There are lots and lots of reasons why. Here’s a few:

Because when we went to clean off the very old window clings announcing a business that never manifested, we were approach by a man that saw our struggle getting the stickers off and asked us if we needed help. The man then went home to retrieve a glue solvent, came back, showed us how to use it and left us with the materials we needed to get the job done.

Because when a senior in a wheelchair needed help securing her grocery bags to her chair and stopped a man she didn’t know on the street, he stopped to help her so she could be more comfortable on her way.

Because while we were at our space, a man stopped to ask us what we were doing and when we told him, he wished us good will in our efforts to open a new business in the community.

Because a young man engaged me in conversation in the Whole Foods parking lot about the changes he was seeing in the neighborhood and wanted to understand what was happening.

Because a community liaison from the 7th district police station brought a group of young women in high school to our pop-up event at the Boombox last summer and asked me to share my professional experience and career path with them so that they could be exposed to a different experience, a new perspective, and connected to a broader network.

Because a police officer personally greeted and introduced himself to each vendor at a community block party hosted by I Grow Chicago at their Peace House and followed up the next day with a personal note thanking us for our investment in the community and contribution to making the neighborhood better.

Because there are so many wonderful, generous, and willful people in the community wanting to make a difference, who know that they deserve better and are working hard to achieving a higher quality of life for everyone in the neighborhood.

Because the saying ‘it takes a village’ is alive and manifested in the support and gratitude that people who have lived in the neighborhood for generations share with us and communicate to the younger generations.

Because everyone has a story to tell about the history of a thriving community that they want to recapture and their ability to move through the hard times while walking towards a brighter future.

Because we want to be surrounded by rich cultural resources and believe that sustainable communities are attainable.

Because it’s a community with a strong energy that flows from the people that live there and their desire to create and share this good with their community and the City of Chicago.

Because locally made beer, made by the people who care the most about their neighborhood, means that we will express the best of the community.