L'Shanah Tovah and l'chaim to Pilsner! To celebrate a new beginning of the year 5778, I decided to brew a Batch of Czech Pilsner. At CHAOS Brew Club's summer BBQ, we met the reps from Munton's and became fast friends.  They gave us a Pilsner homebrew kit to try out. Munton's is a U.K. Based homebrew supply company with a local representative in Lombard, Illinois. Their wonderful rep, Rashanah is from Englewood and was thrilled to hear about our microbrewery to be located in the neighborhood. As most of you know, we always brew grain and so the idea of an extract kit seemed mundane. However, Steve and I had been recently discussing adding a new, lighter beer to our portfolio. What better beer to try out than Pilsner? Best known by its macro name, Pilsner Urquell, this delicate pale lager traditionally uses Czech Pilsner malt and noble hops. The kit we received had two cans of extract, a package of dry yeast and some general instructions. There were a few modifications that needed to be made. First, I swapped the dry yeast for an Omega Lager yeast. I thought this would add depth of flavor and wouldn't interfere with the desired clear and crisp flavor and body. The O.G. was spot on. The second modification was using a carboy for cellar fermentation. This modification, as well as temperature (turning to fall and cooler temps), helped with flavor layering after fermentation. The beer fermented fairly quickly. I let it rest for another couple weeks to deepen the flavors and let nature take its course. Bottling was seamless, however, after a couple weeks, the carbonation levels were pretty high- as per the style.  After bottling, Pink Boots Pilsner went into the cellar for three weeks until it came back out for the Garage Tap Take over. party.

I can say it's a delicious beer that we look forward to developing an all-grain recipe for. It's the perfect balance of hops and malt flavor. It's crisp and clean without being 'light'. Looking forward to adding this beer to the line up. This process can be viewed on Facebook live as well! Now, relax and have a homebrew.