Steve Marchese and Lesley Roth - Founders of Englewood Brews. 

Steve Marchese and Lesley Roth - Founders of Englewood Brews. 

We are a catalyst for sustainable community, economic and neighborhood development through the provision of jobs and partnerships with like-minded industries.


Social Entrepreneurship

We will demonstrate how a local business can be a replicable and scalable model for the community by engaging residents and businesses in the process to build human capital and social capacity.

Economic Investment

We are making a significant economic investment in Englewood because we believe that the community can thrive with a holistic approach to growth and development without displacement.

Great Beer

We are a superior product that is differentiated by its production process, flavor, story and experience. Englewood is a destination that extends the craft beer community to the Southside of Chicago for enjoyment in our taproom.

A Destination, Anchor and Magnet in the Community

We are a central meeting and gathering space in the community that celebrates neighborhood partnerships and showcases local arts and culture.